May 22, 2012

Looking for a Seriously Goofy Woman

So, after a nice long woman fast, I finally decided to get back into the dating game, which… you know… means I’m also back on an awkward dating website.

In the past, I’ve always posted a pretty typical profile: “Hey, I’m Dan. I feel so silly writing this. I like long walks on the beach, hiking, and I love kids.” You know… the same cheesy fluff ball stuff that everybody writes.

But this time, I decided to make my profile into a ridiculous and (hopefully) funny poem. I figure, I’m a crazy goof, I’m attracted to crazy goofs, so chances are if a woman actually likes it, we may get along great (as crazy goofs).

Why I’m sharing it here, I don’t know.

Okay, the real truth is that I spent too much time on said dating website, which means I didn’t get another post done for today.

Anyway, here’s my goofy poem, made to lure-in goofy women...

Looking for a Seriously Goofy Woman

If I had a wish

Then it would be
That someone like you
Would go out with me

We’d joke and laugh
And be kind of stupid
We’d try to forget
That we met on okcupid

Then we’d find all sorts of things
That we both like to do
Like dancing or traveling or
Shopping for shoes

For me I love skiing
And volleyball and hiking
Karaoke and poker
And boating and biking

A night out, a night in
It wouldn’t quite matter
We’d eat yummy food
And both get a bit fatter

And since we’re both sexy
And talented, and smart
And because we got off to
An incredible start

We’d kiss just one time
And ten times after that
And before we knew it
We’d both start to laugh

Cause it’s funny you know
This thing we call love
We can’t choose who we fall for
When push comes to shove

We just follow our instincts
And hope they ring true
And hope it’s with someone
As awesome as you

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Okay all you people who are on a dating website or who have ever been on a dating website… what profile awesomeness tends to lure you in? What has worked for you when it comes to finding the kind of people you enjoy being with?