July 19, 2012

“I’m Broken,” Says She

“I’m Broken,” Says She

“I’m broken,” says she
With a look all too sad
“And until I can fix me
it’ll always end bad”

I looked her once over
And then did it again
Was she really so broken?
Did she need a good mend?

Yes it’s true, she could sometimes
Bite your head clean in two
And she was occasionally known
To be ornery and rude

And she’d push you away
For no reason at all
And she’d look for your faults
So the end she could call

Yet as I looked her once over
And then did it again
I found nothing broken
There was nothing to mend

I saw a strong mother
First and foremost
And then after that
So many reasons to boast

Kindhearted And kind
Nearly all of the time
Her laugh hit the heart
As it certainly did mine

So many harsh obstacles
She has now overcome
To make sure that she’s covered
To make sure that she’s won

A future she’s built
So her kids will not suffer
Assurances she’s made
To give her family that buffer

And she’s beautiful too
There’s no way not to see
One look at this woman
Puts your eyes at great ease

Yes, perhaps she is broken
In such very small ways
But maybe that’s perfect
At the end of the day

Cause I’m broken too
In my own different ways
And will always be flawed
Under anyone’s gaze

I can get so annoyed
At the simplest of things
I can expect way too much
Of what others can bring

I do stupid things
Cause I just want to do them
I sometimes break rules
Cause it makes me feel human

And at the end of the day
Isn’t life’s biggest of tricks
Finding someone who cherishes
The things that need fixed?

Someone who accepts us
Even though we be flawed?
A person who knows us
And is still left in awe?

Because life isn’t about
Finding someone undamaged
Or someone who’s never
Seen her share of bandages

It’s about finding that one
Who despite all her flaws
Is somehow quite perfect
Imperfections and all

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing