January 3, 2022

A Mid-Life Awakening Starts Now - Welcome to My New Blog

Friends, welcome to my brand new blog, "Dan Pearce Knows Nothing."

This is the first post. Everything you read here that was published in the past was something I wrote and shared when I was blogging as "Single Dad Laughing." I've shared only a handful of posts from that decade of more than 3,500 posts, including my "final words" series, several of my poems (which I hope you'll go back and read), as well as five or six of the highly viral posts.

But enough about that. The purpose of this new blog is to do my current thing without being painted into the corner that Single Dad Laughing was. I'll be thankful for it forever, but it's something I'm saying goodbye to as I start this new venture.

I just did a live video on my Facebook page. Lots of great interaction and a full explanation of what brought me to this point, what I'm trying to achieve, and what I hope to achieve here. If you'd like to watch that, you can here:

And with that... Let's just jump in, shall we?