April 11, 2022

One Simple Life Hack to Fixing All of Life (in Three Days or Less)

I have learned there is one truly simple way to begin LOVING your life, and it works (basically) immediately. This simple life hack costs you nothing and delivers results incredibly consistently.

It works no matter your income level. It works no matter what possessions you have. It works whether you're single or in a relationship. It works no matter where you live.

And holy shit, is it easy...

Step one: start a recording on a voice recorder app. I like to do it while I'm driving.

Step two: direct your next thoughts toward whatever you believe in. I don't know what the fuck I believe in, so for me it's always, "Dear God, angels, universe, energy, or whatever the fuck is out there..."

Step three: just start listing all the shit you're thankful for.

That's it.

Do that when you have five minutes or an hour to burn, and try to do it at least once every day.

What will happen (automatically and oh so quickly) is incredible.

1) Your problems will all seem to just go away, constantly and quickly.

2) You'll just be... happy. And you'll love your life.

You do want to love your life, right? You're not one of those weirdos who likes being miserable, are you?

Then be thankful for...

The good health you do have.

The clean water in your pipes.

The snow caps on the distant mountains.

The safe drive you have had so far.

A recent memory you made that has made you smile repeatedly.

The heart inside your chest that is still pumping.

The kindness of a stranger you bumped into.

The integrity or honesty of another human who inspired you.

The best parts about your friends.

The best parts about your children.

The best parts about your parents.

The best parts about your partner.

The lessons you have learned that made you who you are today.

Your favorite hobbies or passions.

Your freedom.

Your home and a bed to call your own.

Your money, no matter the amount.

Your mental struggles and what they teach you.

Your physical limitations and what perspective they give you.

The traffic light being green when you get there.

The spring tree blossoms coming in.

Your favorite TV show and the time and genius that others put into it.

The mode of transportation that takes you from here to there.

The food in your cupboards.

The ability to walk into something someone else built and buy food.

Working limbs.

The parts of your life that bring you peace.

The parts of your life that restore your sanity.

The technology you love that makes your life easier.

The roads you're driving on.

The internet and all that it brings you.

The song you currently love and the artists who created it.

The connections you have.

Your sense of humor.

The progress you have made in any part of your life.

Your dog.

Your cat.

I don't know...


The fact that toilet paper exists to wipe your ass!

Big or small, it doesn't matter what it is. Just start listing it. Whatever pops into your head. Just say it, say it aloud, and declare that you're thankful for it.

You will begin to love your life. You will begin to truly believe that you have the best life.

And here's what I consider the best part of it all...

Your existing problems begin to become smaller until they eventually become nothing at all.

Any new problems either don't become problems at all, or they also very quickly shrink away into nothing at all.

And, no new difficult or challenging thing happens in your life that becomes absolutely consuming to you. Not if you do this, every... Single... Day... 

Life just gets easy.

You see, it's not that your life will be problem-free once you do it. Everyone has challenges or trials that arise. Everyone has big ones, at that. No person escapes a life without conflict, difficulty, or cruelty.

What changes is that it all becomes "shit that just happens," instead of becoming "problems."

When you don't have "problems," and you're naturally taking all your challenges in stride, you suddenly begin to notice only the beautiful and wonderful parts in life. Even the hardest things in your life suddenly become poignant to you because of what happens for you in the aftermath. The lessons you learn and the perspective you gain become such empowering things to you that you don't fear bad things happening to you.

All this, in turn, guides you and directs you to better things, and it does so constantly. Abundance enters your life. Peace enters your life. The right people, your people, enter your life. 

The other side effect is that you also start eliminating the toxic and handicapping things in your life. The people who bring you down and don't add value to your life naturally get eliminated because they simply no longer fit within the flow of your existence.

Friends, you don't have to fucking worry about how to make all those incredible side effects happen. This is my promise to you.

All you have to worry about are those three steps.

First, start a recording on a voice recorder app.

Second, direct your next thoughts toward whatever you believe in.

Third, just start listing the shit you're thankful for.

1. 2. 3.

Do me a favor and just try it every day for a week. I think it'll take three days or less to start seeing major changes, but if you'll give me a week, I guarantee your entire life will become absolutely incredible to you.

What you don't have will no longer matter to you. What you do have will become so complete to you.

That freedom... That contentment... That love for your very existence...

Those are the things which will become your next great addiction. I truly believe there is no better state of being and there is no more easy and natural way to wind your way into the greatest life you didn't even realize was possible for you.

The question is, will you let go of the idea that you don't have enough, or that you don't deserve happiness, or that the universe is out to get you? Can you give this challenge an honest go?

One week. You can do it. And then you'll never want to stop doing it.

Dan Pearce | Dan Pearce Knows Nothing